Gluten Free Diet and possible Celiac Disease

Posted by airey2 @airey2, Sep 6, 2019

I have been on a gluten free diet for about 5 yrs now for gluten sensitivity. Two years ago I wanted to be tested for Celiac Disease and did test positive in 2 areas out of three (lacked the antibodies). Last year I decided I wanted an accurate result and went off gluten free, but that lasted 3 days before I got sick. That time I was eating everything possible that was full of gluten, and possibly overdid the gluten full part.
Now I am wondering, If I just ate snacks that were full of gluten but everything else was were gluten free, would that still give me a positive Celiac diagnosis (if it existed)? I know it would take several months of gluten full, but thought if I was more lenient, I would be less likely to get sick.

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Hi airey2,
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Celiac disease and Gluten sensitivity is a complicated topic. It seems to me that the more you read about it, the more confusing it gets. What I have realized is testing is not always positive- as well as endoscopic findings may look like celiac but can also be caused by something else.
In other words- it may not be worth the trouble for you to get tested since you got so sick. You can not tolerate gluten- you have celiac disease or other gluten sensitivity. I understand that you were well the years you have avoided gluten?

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