CSID Diagnosis and how are you dealing with it?

Posted by choosejoy @choosejoy, Nov 16, 2022

I have had gut issues off and on throughout my life and had different testing by various GI docs. The diagnosis I was given in my 20’s was IBS. After a couple of scary times in the last few years of “unexplained rapid weight loss” I was diagnosed positive for CSID. I’m curious if others have any advice as to what has helped them? BTW I do use Sucraid, digestive enzymes and a daily probiotic recommended by a dietitian.

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Hi there! After years of IBS diagnoses I was tested and told I have CSID. Yay. So far I am unmedicated except for Starchway, which is made by intoleran and sold on its website. I take it when I know I’ll be eating something not on the CSID diet.
I’m expecting Sucrade, which was ordered by my gastro, to be delivered next week. It’s the only medication for CSID, I’m told. The pharmacist told me Starchway was the same as Sucrade – my gastro disputes this.
Just watch what you eat and if the diet doesn’t work I guess try Starchway or Sucrade. (Sucrade is prescription only and can be pricey BTW.) Good luck!

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