GFR dropped 5 more points and I don't know why.

Posted by csage1010 (Sue) @csage1010, Sep 22, 2021

HI all, I got some blood work today and I was actually expecting the results to be good, or at least stable. My GFR dropped from 59 to 54 in 2 months. I have lost 20 pounds and my sugars are within normal limits. So sad.

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I have a low GFR (46), without corresponding creatnine numbers and I am not diabetic. The kidney Dr and the PCP have encouraged me to get better about drinking plenty of water–particularly during this really hot summer. Kidney size is ok per ultrasound.

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You are only in Stage 3a, as am I. Have been told by visiting health people that I am in a good place.


Me, too! Just trying to push water better than I have until now at 70. It still felt like a huge "whew" when they told me. I had to stop anti-inflammatories, but it wasn't the problem I anticipated with that change. Thanks.

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