Getting on the kidney waitlist as a foreign national

Posted by askairon1 @askairon1, May 15, 2023

Are non-US citizens able to get added to the US kidney transplant waitlist if they begin their treatment here?

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@askairon1, I think @keggebraaten may be able to answer your question as far as Mayo Clinic is concerned. Other transplant centers may have different criteria.

When you say "begin their treatment here", do you mean the US or your home country?


@askairon1 - thank you for the question. Yes, international patients are able to be on the transplant waiting list in the U.S. I believe all transplant center would require the patient to come and be evaluated in the U.S. at the transplant center where you wish to be listed. There may be some testing that can be done in your home country, but you would be required to come to the U.S. to see the doctors at the transplant center. For Mayo Clinic, you can use this information to ask questions and learn more about the process: International Services at Mayo Clinic - Thanks!

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