Flying with a TAA

Posted by dcopeland @dcopeland, Mar 23 9:06pm

Has anyone been flying with a 4.1 cm TAA? Have you had any problems are suspect the flying has increased the size of your Aneurysm.

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No issues but I have made a lot of lifestyle changes and changed my approach to business travel. I had a complete dissection during a business trip in 2015 and survived the surgery. Been flying ever since. Reduce your stress and get to airport early. Fly first class for any flight longer than 3 hours. Check bags. Avoid tight connections or any connections if you can. Reduce the stress of traveling to the extent possible. There’s life after a super traumatic dissection. Mine happened when I was teaching a three day seminar in San Diego. I was very lucky to be in a major metropolitan area with access to the best healthcare facilities in California. I spent two weeks in a coma. No frequent flyer miles for that flight.


I have a 4.7 TAA and flew to Hawaii recently. I did notice some slight chest pressure but nothing outside of my normal occasional pains.

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