~ Finally, some success in feeling really good about me ~

Posted by Barb @amberpep, Oct 26, 2018

Hi friends …. well, it’s been a pretty icky week, but today I really felt good about “me.” I met with my new Psychiatrist today for the 2nd time, after meeting this week with 2 LSW’s. He had discussed my “case” with them and felt like I did …. that he would just manage the medications, and if in between times we had an appt. I really hit the skids, to call him. I was so glad …. he is an extremely nice, gentle, soul. I will continue to see my therapist in MD. But, we did get talking about my family of origin, the alcohol, being an only child, etc. and he really gently drilled in on that. He said, “considering how abusive your childhood was, you did some mighty good mothering to turn out 3 kids like that.” OMG! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before! I almost cried I felt so good. He also said, that he’s been reading an article that kids that grow up as I did, especially onlys, often come out of that home with PTSD, such as our soldiers do. Not the same things trigger it, but the same reactions. That explains so much ….. I hate loud noises, fireworks, the sound of cars crashing, someone screaming, I have a very strong reaction to anything that is surprising ….. I jump, then shake. It was a really beneficial 30 min.

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I am so glad that you shared that insight about PTSD and being an "only" @amberpep. It sounds like your new doctor is extraordinary!


amberprep I am so happy to hear you are feeling better about yourself. There are good treatment people out there. He told you what is so true. I too came from an abusive family and never knew what the trigger would be to set my father off. I then married an abusive man who also was an alcoholic. I also cannot take loud voices yelling or even confrontations. You give hope to all.


Hi Abby:

I hope that you are continuing to get help from your new group of professionals. You posted sometime ago, that you would be part of a small therapy/support group through your therapist and you seemed to be looking forward to it. I hope you were able to begin those meetings.

As you feel comfortable doing so, will you please write a short post and let me know how you are doing?


Hope you are continuing to feel good about yourself, @amberpep, that you did some really good mothering, especially after how abusive your background was, like the psychiatrist mentioned to you about a year back.

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