Feeling heart beat through skin

Posted by jadillow @jadillow, Mon, Oct 21 7:27pm

When I have chest discomfort (almost like a quick pencil stabbing) in place my finger on the spot of pain and can feel my heartbeat in that spot. Is this normal?


jadillow…anything that is "preserved" and that includes canned fruits and vegetables, contain a ton of sodium. You must become an avid label reader!!!! You will be as shocked as I was when you realize how much sodium is in things you wouldn't normally suspect.

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So true on the sodium, i wonder sometimes how much i ate before i realized. I bet most people today probably consume 4000-5000 MG of sodium a day. I am now the sodium cop with my adult kids and friends lol. But even watching the intake eating. Out is the hardest. I can't believe how much salt is used at most resturants. Even the better ones if i know im going out to dinner on a givin day i really restricted my other meals that day.


Quick update. Saw cardiologist. Blood pressure was 140/92 but I’m always anxious there. Suggested I take 10mg amlodopine I’m afternoon (usually take 5) and my Lisinopril in the morning She says do to my full workup in December and holter monitor in April she doesn’t see a need to do any more tests for the random chest and arm pains.


Has anyone experienced a bounding pulse or heart beating in middle to upper back? Mostly while sitting or laying ? This has happened to me more the past two weeks and is very noticeable

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