Feeding newborn: It can be a challenge

Posted by betey19 @betey19, Nov 1, 2019

Hi i have a newborn which is 28 days. She snores and weezes when she sleeps is that normal?

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Hi @betey19 that must be nerve-wracking to have your newborn snore and wheeze while she sleeps.

I thought this article could be helpful: https://www.healthline.com/health/parenting/newborn-snoring

I'd like to highlight this passage: "The nasal passages of newborns are very small, so the least bit of dryness or extra mucus in their noses can make them snore or have noisy breathing. Sometimes, what sounds like snoring is just how they breathe as a newborn. As they grow, a newborn's breathing typically gets quieter."

I hope that brings some comfort, but of course it's always best to bring this up to your pediatrician. Have you been able to do so?


Yes i did took her to the pediatrician and they gave me nasal drop and thank you for your reply.

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