Family making anxiety and depression worse

Posted by strongbutterfly @strongbutterfly, Mar 22, 2018

Has anyone had Family members actually making their depression and Anxiety worse?I have! And it Constantly depresses me out.This past wknd brought on Anxiety I had Never felt before.There was Fighting via text messaging and i got ugly because of a few dig comments and the way shes so self-Absorbed me,me,me.Thinks her life is way worse than mine,when actually its the other way around.I felt like i need a restraining order on her!I think im going to.I need peace.I have 2 Really Toxic family members,and the other is Non Supportive for me,It kills me Sooo Bad! Like Depression isnt enough of a horrible disease for me without her dramas all the time and hurting my heart,NoT Supporting me! Ive thought for months about getting rid of her,blocking my number.I need her to wake up but the prob is she has mental illness as well.What Should i do?My life is in Complete Chaos right now,So many Issues going on,Im NoT happy! Barely living,fatigued as hell,now theres fighting.Its gotten out of control.

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@strongerbutterfly @pearlbaby7 Unfortunately, we cannot choose our family [but we get to choose our friends]. And unfortunately, family members sometimes feel they have license to treat us poorly. There is no reason for us to be quiet when we are treated badly. Personally, I let that happen for many years, then got some backbone and said, "no more!". It has estranged me from 3 of my 4 siblings, but I am happier for it. When I confronted the offenders, they didn't want to listen, nor change, nor even believe it was happening. I had to talk to myself and realize my sanity was at stake, and if I wouldn't put up with it from strangers, why did my family get away with it? It's not fun, and sometimes I miss the old closeness.


When it comes to siblings the only thing we have in common is DNA.


Hi @strongbutterfly.I don't know if this is an option for you or not, but my family treats me like I am a child. I have been hospitalized for depression several times over the course of 25 years and I am now in a really good place, however after every family get together, I come back feeling as though I have been looked down upon. So I talked to my psychologist and for now I do not go to the family get togethers anymore. I am able to keep the distance which is a healthy boundary for me. I would be so anxious before a get together and that is not healthy. I have a very good group of friends and they are the ones I go to. In fact they know more about my life than my family. I hope this helps

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