Falling after recovery from stroke

Posted by couldusehelp @couldusehelp, May 11, 2019

I am curious to know if others have experienced unexplained falls after a good recovery from a stroke in a 70 year old.

Billie, Good for you.
No one ever wants to have a stroke, I see you trying to take your life back, just like I am.
Bright Wings


Laughing out loud! My ballerina moves are so I don’t fall down, never thought anyone would like to hear about it.

I do not feel the bottom of my feet. I can only feel the rim of my feet. If I am going to go off balance, it is from either shoulder. Meaning that is the way I will pitch to either side.
Ok, so do this exercise with me. Stand up and take a small step, you will notice you still have both feet flat on the ground Now with your back foot, allow you heel to raise and leave your big toe mashed down.
So now you are standing flat with one foot and balancing on the big toe of the second foot.
If I am feeling stable, I lift my toe and allow the second foot to naturally move forward. If I feel any thing off balance I simply pause with that very important back toe keeping me balanced. Sometimes the toe is mashed with my heel raised, oftentimes I only notice I am off balance as I have only the tip of the big toe touching the ground. So I simply pause, often with only the tip of my toe touching.
Remember the hesitation step some folks use to walk down the isle of the church at a wedding??
So it’s like that, take a step and hesitate before you lift your second foot.
Any more signs of imbalance, I start to move my arms out from my sides. This gives me added balance.

I think I have been developing this for years. I hope this works for you. It certainly works for me. Bright Wings

If you go to Facebook, search for Cirque Du Flame. This is my circus.
The ringmaster is Phillip Swafford.
Message me, I will share my name so you can find me on FB. I have tried to post pics here but couldn’t do it.
Smiling so big.
The ringmaster told me, he would love me to join the Circus. I will bring the gift of laughter to the stage!! That’s who I am also. You guys just don’t get to see it. Cuz this is where I am serious!!
Sometimes, Grin.
Bright Wings

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Thanks for the FB page for your new circus, @brightwings! How delightful. I'm sure you will have a great time and bring joy and brightness to others!

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