Excessive Phlegm no Cough Really Bad Breath

Posted by rrraicard @bbjaide, Apr 24, 2019

I discovered I had really bad breath in 2015 at work when Clients refused to see me, I have done every Test my ENT can think of to no avail, I have had Nasal Turbinate reduction, CT Scan does not show anything, I have had Imaging to check for reflux done dental checks, checked for Tonsil Stones, Been Prescribed Prednisone, and every allergy nasal spray to no avail, I use a dehumidifyer with my CPAP and throat is never dry.
Changed Diabetes Prescription incase it was a reaction to it all to no avail.
I still have phlegm in throat and really bad breath and feeling suicidal as I cannot earn a living anymore.
Please help as I am out of options.

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@bbjaide– You must feel like a pariah. How awful you must feel, even as you understand the reason. Has a periodontist checked your gums for periodontal disease? I'm also wondering if you've had blood work to make sure that you do not have any infections.
I also think that the amt of phlegm might be a reaction to what is causing your bad breath.
I wish that I could offer more hope and encouragement but I also don't know how this can be solved. Could you be taking any other medications that could cause this?
I also found this for you: https://www.healthline.com/health/diabetes/bad-breath
Have you seen an endocrinologist for your diabetes? It may be worth a visit.
I understand that you probably sick of visiting doctors, I really do. Earlier this year I needed a break from all of my doctors that treat my lung disease. I thought that I would scream, leave me alone!

Will you please let me know if you have been to any of these specialists that I have mentioned?


@merpreb Thank you for responding, Yes I have seen both a Periodontist and I see an Endocrinologist for the Diabetes, My A1C has been stable at 6.1 for the last 5 years, I am just desperate.
I thank you for taking the time to do some research.


@bbjaide– I am sorry that I can't suggest anything else. What do your doctors want to do now?

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