Mucus and bad breathe when your not sick!

Posted by athnall7 @athnall7, Feb 13, 2019

So I have a been struggling with constant drainage and mucus. I refer to this personally as, mucus breathe! I don’t have a cold and I recently got tested for allergies and I don’t have any! I feel like I have constant phlegm and mucus in my throat which causes me to have bad breathe. Has anyone experienced this issue or have any ideas for resolution! Any help would be greatly appreciated! I

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It sounds like reflux which can cause post nasal drainage then the phlegm gets into the throat or more specifically maybe lpr? I have had this problem for seven months drink plenty of water keep hydrated avoid spicy food eat at least 3 to four hours before bed. Caffeine should be cut outta your diet too it's a process of elimination really. I take Gavisvon advance which helps me a bit. I'm waiting on an ent referral another 5 months to wait try to follow a bland diet i know it's boring but i got to the point where I'd rather eat a bland diet than suffer with the phlegm all the time. It's worth a try! Good luck


Do you know causes so much phlegm at night!

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A lot of people that have COPD have a lot of phlegm or mucus at night I have it it is bad all the time but night it is the worse at night wakes me up all the time.

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