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Mucus and bad breathe when your not sick!

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@fourof5zs , did you have surgery to repair your sliding hernia? If so, how long ago and would you recommend that surgery?

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@capausz I had surgeries to repair the sliding hernia. I had a nissen fundoplication in 2001. It started to fail almost immediately. I had a repair in 2007 which failed and had added pain because of mesh placed in a place it should not have been placed. In 2013 I was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville .. to quote this last local surgeon “the doctors there fix other doctor's mistakes”. An honest surgeon. The surgeon at the Mayo did an undo of the Nissen wrap and repaired the hernia. Another immediate failure. Dealing with insurance mess it took me another year to have surgery for repair… the hernia had pulled my stomach into my chest for the third time. The surgeon that did the first surgery at the Mayo had moved on. I was blessed to get Dr Bowers for the 2014 surgery. He decided to do a gastric bypass.. which was created for the purpose of repairing these stubborn hernias. The side effect is weight loss. During surgery my esophagus decided to shorten. It pulled the hernia and a loop of intestines into my chest. It also caused a leak. This was no fault of the surgeon. Only 1% chance of it happening. My luck .. haha. I was in hospital for 3 weeks and too weak for the surgery to repair the mess. I was put on feeding tube. I was doing better for about 6 months and two more loops of my intestines pulled up into my chest and pushed my left lung against my ribs. I managed to get back to the Mayo Clinic pretty quickly. Planning and coordination with a thoracic surgeon took place and I had open surgery in May of 2015. Not much choiice.. either take a chance on the surgery or endure a short miserable life. I had the feeding tube removed the following October. Quite a journey it has been and is still going on.

I will not recommend if someone should or should not have surgery. I can only say research your options, if surgery is the answer pick an excellent surgeon. I failed twice in the surgeon department. None could be better than Dr Bowers in Jacksonville.

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