Everlimus with reduced tacrolimus

Posted by myringo @myringo, Jan 30 10:22am

Any liver transplant recipients on the Everlimus reduced tacrolimus regimen for immune suppressant therapy? Dr thinks the Tac is too hard on my kidneys so he’s in the process of changing my meds to the Everlimus +reduced Tac. Anyone have any experience with this regimen. I am nervous to change my Tac. What Tac level and Everlimus trough levels are you at. Just looking for experience. Thanks everyone

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Sorry to hear. I too struggled with high Tac levels, 14 , I asked Transplant to lower my Tac bc of side effects. They suggested the lower tac with Everlimus. I was afraid of new drug so risked it and lowered tac level. Raised tac due to graft vs host disease. After 3 yrs I lowered tac level and kidney s were fine and liver tests came back to normal except ggt. Never took everlimus but wanted u to know you r not alone. Someone will respond . This is an amazing group and full of knowledge.


@myringo, I can understand your reluctance to change your medications. However, it is not unusual for our doctors to make changes in order to find the best medicine combination for our individual health and healthy organ. I have learned during my 15 transplant life, to trust my transplant team. They are the experts, and will monitor you until sure that the medicine combo is best for you. Sometimes it can take several changes and adjustments.
I'm hoping for good result soon.

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