Erythema Nodosum

Posted by kety @kety, Nov 23, 2016

I am suffering from painful nodules on the calf and feet. They are red and sore. Till I take HCQS 200 and Naproxen for pain, I feel better. Once I stop it, it flares up again. Worse in Nov and Dec. Anybody can help with a cure.

Hello @kety, and welcome to Connect.
Those nodules sound painful, but we’re so glad you joined Connect, because here you will find members who share your symptoms and may be able to help. Allow me to introduce you to @kgjd97, @sebley12, @elizamail, @sgerard, and @kimmy63; could you offer some more insight into Erythema nodosum?

Here is also some information from Mayo Clinic on a drug that is specifically used for Erythema nodosum:

@kety, have your doctors done any tests to rule out other conditions that may be causing these nodules?

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