Eliquis + Chest Pain

Posted by hayat @hayat, Dec 7, 2020

Hi, since April 2020 doctors discovered that I have a-fib, I was given Elquis 10mg a day, since that, I got chest pain and I can not walk. Also I am asthmatic.
Did anyone got the same symptoms?

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@zoeleela I also got steroid myopathy. (I don't know why that happened, do you? I wondered if the doctors involved weren't monitoring me properly!

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I have no idea, I am lost!


@hayat. Since you cannot get to a doctor, can you talk to a pharmacist and ask if there are any possible drug interactions with Eliquis and the meds you are taking for your asthma. Eliquis should have a toll free customer service phone number, you can ask them if your pain and inability to walk can be a side effect. Can you go to the Emergency Room of a hospital without an appointment?

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Hi, thank you for feelings..I can go to the Eme. sure they have no idea about Elquis.


Hi, yes I am on steroids since 2012 after severe asthma. The medicine is Inuxair, sometimes I take singulair one pill a day depending on the situation. As you know the weather is so bad in Norway, cold and high humidity.

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Hi Hayat,
Yes, cold weather is bad for asthma, and lung conditions. The high humidity is good for your skin, as it keeps the moisture in your skin. Here in sunny California (America) our weather is very dry with very low humidity.
I think it’s time for all of us to go to Hawaii for the winter. Anybody interested?

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