Anyone experience elevated troponin with COVID?

Posted by suemadel03 @suemadel03, Jun 8, 2022

My son 20 yo had Covid and found elevated troponin has had a history of myocarditis. Any one experience troponin level with Covid ?

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Hi @suemadel03, I added your question to the Post-COVID Recovery & COVID-19 group ( as well.

Research has shown that cardiac troponin levels are significantly higher in patients with more severe infections. See:
– COVID-19 pandemic and troponin: indirect myocardial injury, myocardial inflammation or myocarditis?

@vic83, @skypigg, and @michelecallahan have also talked about elevated troponin levels.

Sue, am I understanding correctly that your son had myocarditis before catching COVID? Was his infection severe? How is he doing now?


Yes he had a previous myocarditis it is not sure when but a a cardiac mri found scarring on his ventricle last year after he fainted and at the ER at college they did a troponin level which was mildly elevated . He was doing fine until he got Covid mid may and I asked for a troponin level cause he had moderate symptoms fever aches for 4 days . I was worried about the link with Covid and myocarditis . He had an elevated level when tested 10 days later but no heart symptoms . The level has since returned to normal .

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