Elevated GGT and Alk Phos 15 weeks post deceased donor transplant

Posted by nonni1 @nonni1, May 8 9:00am

As a caregiver of a transplant patient, we are often overlooked while being overwhelmed. My daughter had a liver transplant 16 weeks ago. Had a bad GI virus several weeks ago. ALT and AST are great. GGT and Alk Phos great until this week lab draw. Sudden sharp elevation in only those 2. Bili is normal. She feels fine Tacro level 7.4. I don’t understand sudden elevation in these two when all else is great.

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Hi, @nonnie1. I would like to extend my welcome and my congratulations to you and your daughter for the successful journey and for a successful liver transplant! From my experience as a patient I can assure you that labs can jump out of normal range from a variety of reasons. It is interesting that I had a conversation just this past week about a similar concern for an out or my normal lab result with my provider. It can happen for a wide assortment of reasons and it is always best to take our concern to the transplant team. Even my local PCP will not guess anything about my liver or kidney numbers.
With your daughter being only 15 weeks post transplant, and since she has had a GI virus, I think that her transplant team will want to be notified. I encourage you to contact them. It could be nothing, but you never want to take a chance with any other possibility.
If my husband/caregiver had this same concern about me, even after 15 years since my transplant, I encourage you to relay this question to her team. Do you make the calls or does your daughter? Please let me know what you find out.


@nonni1, how is your daughter doing? How are you doing?

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