What was your experience with duloxetine (US Brand Name; Cymbalta)?

Posted by d13 @d13, Jan 11 2:06pm

I was prescribed by my oncologist for the neuropathy in feet and hands. The chemotherapy treatments did this. This drug also states that it is used to treat depression and anxiety. As with any prescription medication, there could be side effects. And a huge list of what not to take with this drug. He also prescribed hydrocodone 5 mg, but to take half of pill four times daily for cancer pain. We’ll, when I got home and read about the Duloxetine use; one of the medications on the list was hydrocodone. I’m now waiting for a call from the oncologist office to see if I can take the Duloxetine with the hydrocodone. Can anyone at least tell me if they have ever taken this medication; Duloxetine? And any side effects?

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Hello, @d13 I agree that a pharmacist is a good source of information on medication interactions. Still, your prescribing physician (oncologist) is the best source of information. Is there a patient portal that you can use to communicate with your oncologist?

I've been taking duloxetine for several years for depression and anxiety. I didn't have any side effects from the beginning and still do not.I started at the 30mg dose and about two years ago decreased to 20mg. That 20mg is effective for me but of course it's different for every person. I'm in the midst of being treated for a cancer recurrence (endometrial cancer) and I can say that the duloxetine has helped me get through some difficult periods of time along with my toolbox of mental health strategies.

Will you return and tell us how you are doing?

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Helen….I’m torn between psych meds for my depression and anxiety! 8 months off 25 years of Paxil, horrendous WD. I’ve lost 60#’s. My mind is very bad and I think I’m ready to try another Med. Cymbalta has been recommended along with Effexor and remeron.
So afraid of side effects and another WD. Paxil worked great until it pooped out. I wonder if trying another SSRI would work or if one stoped the other wouldn’t work. I can’t stop researching and trying to figure out what to do. I know I need to just trust my doc


I was put on Cymbalta 12 years ago. I should never have been put on it without being told there were side effects that would prevent you from ever coming off it. There were law suits and still are pending against the Lilly Co. I am 74 yrs. old now and will tell anyone and everyone that is about to be given a drug, read up on it before you take it. Once you are on it, (for me it was 4 months on it when I tried to come off) you become a slave to it. lm still on it. Be wise!!

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So sorry you too have been through the difficult withdrawal. I gradually got off after 15+ years. The last dose was in mid December 2021. I am finally starting to feel good. It’s been a rough road.

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