Donor specific antibody positive after kidney transplant: What helps?

Posted by harshverma2605 @harshverma2605, May 29, 2022

I had my kidney transplant 2 months ago with same blood group. My dsa report is positice with hla 2 mfi value 1204. Biopsy shows no rejection. Biopsy is normal. Graft function is normal. Is there medicine to reduce this mfi?

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Hi @harshverma2605 It's very nice to meet you! 😊 I don't think we have talked before. I am a kidney transplant too, coming up on my second year anniversary. Is the report you are referring to called Allosure from CareDx? Did your doctors request this test because there was something going on (your lab work levels out of range or symptoms you were experiencing)… or was it just part of your normal lab work?


@harshverma2605, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, an online community where you can meet other transplant recipients and donor and caregivers.

Getting the news about positive donorspecific anti-HLA antibodies (DSA) and higher mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) must be concerning. But the biopsy and graft function indicate that your new kidney is taking well to its new home. Have you discussed options to lower the MFI with your transplant team? How are you feeling?


@harshverma2605, I want to add my Welcome to Connect. I am a liver and kidney recipient, just returned home after my annual checkup. It has been 13 years for me, and one thing that I have learned is that the numbers in any test or lab report are best interpreted by your transplant team. At 2 months post transplant, you are still in recovery and your body is still trying to adjust to the medications and to become comfortable with the new kidney.
I am not familiar with the Allosure test that @hello1234 mentioned. I have only had routine biopsies for my kidney. Each time, my kidney team explained what each note/observation meant and how it affected my transplanted organ.

Have you talked with your kidney transplant doctor/team about your results and what it means for you? When will you see them again?

Congratulations on your recent kidney transplant! How are you feeling?


Congratulations on the transplant. I would concur with other peoples comments, ask your transplant team. Start by either sending an email through the portal or calling your nurse/coordinator. I remember going to my husbands 1 month appointment and one of the tests results looked concerning to me (as we all know google can give us way more information than we really need to know), anyway when I brought it up with our APRN she dismissed it as not really relevant and nothing to worry about. They see these numbers all day long and will let you know if you need to be concerned about something. Good luck

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