Dry scales of skin? - I have freckles ...

Posted by MGMolly @Erinmfs, Jun 19, 2019


I'm northern Irish and have fair freckled skin. I'm 53 years old. I saw a dermatologist in my 40s and had some large freckles and visible veins removed from my face. (roseacea).

But now I have a few areas on my arms and legs of dry scales, like a dried up freckle that peels off regularly. I pick at them on my arm and legs and I probably shouldn't. does anybody have an idea of what it is? The dry scale patches aren't dark like a mole, I probably should consult a dermatologist as I've had many sunburns and I worry about my freckles not being freckles.

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Hi @user_chdb5e8ac, that is odd having the dried up scale like areas.

Doing a quick search on MayoClinic.org I found that ichthyosis vulgaris involves scaly skin. Do this sound like what you are experiencing?
Have you had a chance to consult a dermatologist yet?


Wow, it does. Thank you for finding that. Theres a weird name for it, it's not serious. I do have a thyroid condition and the article mentioned it could be caused by a thyroid condition.

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