Does anyone get pressure sores on toes? If so how do you treat it?

Posted by brendaharris @brendaharris, May 26 7:44pm

I have a pressure sore on my toe. I have noticed it for about 2 weeks. I have been putting betadine and a wound ointment on it. I am keeping it wrapped up. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Hello Brenda @brendaharris, You mentioned in a previous post that your 2nd toe on your left foot was amputated due to gangrene due to not having timely treatment and you now have a new health care provider that is aggressively treating the 2nd toe on your right foot to prevent it from getting worse. It sounds like what you are doing now is part of the new treatment and it is helping. Did they suggest any changes in shoes or sandals to keep pressure off of the toe?


Hi John, my podiatrist has suggested that I wear sandals with this pressure sore. It does help.


If you can stand them, thick socks like work socks might help.
Does this pressure come during sleep? Long time in one position, say on your side, and the feet are arranged such that one toe gets compressed a bit, but for two or more hours at a time? I have had that, and had to teach myself to turn over more frequently, even half-awake, but also to lie differently when on my side. It takes work.

One other remedy, maybe less warm for the feet, is to place a pillow between your knees. My well-aged dad taught himself to sleep well that way starting at least 20 years ago because he couldn't get comfortable.

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