PMR Diet: Foods to eat and avoid

Posted by alan bruce @alanbruce, May 6, 2020

What foods to avoid and what food to focus on when on PMR

Hi Alan @alanbruce, thank you for starting this new discussion. It is a great topic. Notice I changed the title of your discussion a little to give it a little emphasis. I started looking at diet and lifestyle changes for helping with my autoimmune diseases after reading Dr. Terry Wahls book – The Wahls Protocol. She has an amazing story about how diet helped her MS symptoms –

Here is a good article on Medical News Today that offers some suggestions.
What to eat if you have polymyalgia rheumatica:

I've mostly focused on reducing or eliminating processed meats, sugar, fast food, and fried foods. Have you found anything that helps you?


John, I eat lots of fruit especially berries, vegetables and fish. I limit carbs and meats. I rarely eat fast food and fried foods. At times I eat too many sweets, my wife's fault. I walk nearly every day which I think is a great help.

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