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PMR Diet: Foods to eat and avoid

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I know this is only anecdotal, but i “cured” my severe PMR with diet in 40 Days. My CRP went from 26. 3 to .6 in that time. I used the “Paddison Program” for Rheumatoid Arthritis, though I think any whole food plant based diet might have worked, so certainly worth a try, but you need to be strict with NO ADDED OIL. I have been 3 years vegan now with no PMR symptoms, no meds, and never felt better.

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Hello @ghsmith, Welcome to Connect. Thanks for sharing what helped you get rid of your PMR symptoms. While I do think diet and lifestyle play a major part in our health I think we still have to be a little careful and do our own research finding reputable information and data. I was not able to find anything other than a rebuttle of sorts and a lot of ad type sites for the Paddison Program. Eating healthier and limiting sugar, alcohol and red meat has helped keep my PMR in remission.

— The Paddison Program for rheumatoid arthritis: An unproven treatment that provides only the illusion of control: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/the-paddison-program-for-rheumatoid-arthritis-the-unproven-illusion-of-control/
— The Paddison Program For Rheumatoid Arthritis: https://www.paddisonprogram.com/

Are you able to share how you found Connect, what you were searching for?

I am happy that you cured your PRM in 40 days. I tried to find any independent study that would support such an amazing recovery. I could not. I do not doubt that you cured your PMR. I only wish I could find some independent data about the Paddison Program. I will keep looking for some clinical studies.

I’m just diagnosed with PMR and on day 5 of prednisone. I’ve started the Paddison Program (also 5 days) and am wondering if you were on prednisone during that 40 day period? I don’t want to stay on prednisone and reluctantly started due to agonizing PMR symptoms. Thanks for sharing.