Did my walk around the block today! Walking for mood lift.

I wasn’t feeling well this morning (so much anger lately on the news, facebook, etc – have to go on a “diet” away from all that fighting – it affects me), so I went just now for my walk around the block, the sunshine, met and talked to a neighbor, and I’m chilly : ) but feel so much better. I think that’s 3 days in a row. (2?). But, if you can walk okay, I highly recommend it !!! for a mood lift! Naturally! Just 10 minutes or so around the block. I know that some form of exercise will be a big part of my recovery plan. I just walk at a slightly faster than normal pace. (Because it’s so cold today!) lol Feel better everybody. We all know what this is like and I’m proud of all of us for what we endure and may easier, healthier, happier, more prosperous days lie ahead for us all and soon!

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Good for you for dancing exercise. Good job!


Rainy today so I turned on some of my upbeat tunes and danced. Thank goodness no one could see me. I am pushed myself to get out of the house and visit a friend. Most people would think big deal. But I think you guys understand.

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@mcossette, Yes, I absolutely understand. The more we can force ourselves to do, the easier it becomes, but I also know the days that I need to allow myself to just sit and not be hard on myself for doing so.

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