Diastolic dysfunction and resulting a-fib

My doctor wants to add a beta blocker to control my blood pressure. Mayo research suggests that’s a mistake for someone with diastolic dysfunction (DD), which I may have (based on BP readings in recent months). I’d like to hear from anybody who has been diagnosed with DD about symptoms and treatments.

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Hi Martin
Recently I started having high Diastolic numbers and feel nauseated or tired. Cardiologist tried 24 monitor and couldn’t find any afib

What additional tests should I ask him to conduct ?

My DP hovering around 90 and I feel nauseated when it does and can’t even do small things

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Hi, @houston2818. Sorry to say I have no immediate answers to your question about additional tests related to Diastolic Dysfunction. My situation has changed in many ways since that discussion 6 years ago, including a small stroke from A-fib. I'm about to enter a new set of diagnosis tests this week, and that will involve Nephrology, Urology, Cardiology, and Endocrinology (in reverse order). I will dust off my DD concerns and keep them at the ready in the next several weeks. If I come up with any promising information, I'll get back to you right away. Incidentally, bear in mind that DD is a problem for lots of people who aren't dealing with A-fib. Martin

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