Dry vagina and foamy urine: Internal bleeding?

Posted by dablues @dablues, Oct 7, 2020

I have a deviated septum which I’ve had for years and a lot of drainage coming out of one nostril. I had a cat scan of of my sinuses and all was ok. Dr. put me on two nose sprays Azelastine HCI 0.1% which was 0.3% but I had bloody nose once, and once blood coming from vagina.

So I went to my Urologist and he did a cat scan and said everything looked ok but did a cystoscopy and he saw a little blood and thought it was from my vagina being dry as the bladder was fine and wants me to use some estrogen cream. I never had bleeding there since my hysterectomy in 1986, After having a cat scan with contrast now my urine in bubbly or foamy and they said it was normal and should go away but so far it hasn’t. Had my cat scan about 5 days ago. I do not have a GYN here in GA so haven’t had a pap smear since I moved to GA in 1997; I didn’t think I needed one.

Question is what about this cream they want me to use, and what about a foamy urine. I don’t have burning when going to the bathroom. If this is in the wrong area could you tell me where to go to get some sort of an answer. I’m 79 years of age. Also I have AVM’s which bleed internally and sometimes need iron infusions. I never see the blood when I bleed internally and had a blood transfusion and iron infusions in 2017. I’m always tired but don’t know if it’s the meds or what. I’m confused as to what is going on.


According to my Gastro dr. he found one in my colon, and one someplace else. He said they can do a slow leak and so did my hematologist. They both are good doctors and the hematologist checks my often. I have a appointment next week for labs and then the week after to see him, unless it's more urgent then they will call me in and do an iron infusion. All this is getting to be too much with all the testing and getting no where. The cat scan the urologist did showed nothing, and when he did the cysto of the bladder that was clear but he did see some blood in the vagina and put me on estrogen cream which now I hear isn't good to take. So don't know if I should take it or not with all the side effects it shows. I only took one dose, and then the itching started and when urinating it hurt, not like a burning hurt when you have a UTI. I called them today but no one got back to me. I never had foamy urine until they did the cystoscopy and that is when that started, and he also said the urine showed blood microscopic that is why he did the cat scan. It seems like I'm going in circles.

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@dablues I am glad you have good doctors you can rely on for follow up. Looks like most importantly the location of the AVMs matter for the type of harm they can do. Did your doctor(s) tell you of foods or supplements to stay away from? This is besides the blood thinners and Celebrex.


No, they didn't. They are good doctors but they don't discuss meds, or food with me. Sometimes I don't know if they just don't know about those things or don't have the time.


@dablues – Since you had a hysterectomy 1986, you don’t have to worry about blood coming from the uterus. However, you still have a vagina and probably should have continued with PAP smears.
It is true that you can have small bleeding from the now thin and dry vaginal lining.
To settle the vagina bleeding you should get examined by a Gynecologist or experienced Family Physican.
Estrogen cream is commonly used to strengthen the vaginal wall. It is not for everyone.


Thanks for the info. I used the cream once and decided I'm not going to use it again, since there are too many side effects that can happen and with my history I am not using it again. Called the doctor's office Friday, but they leave early and called today as the urine still has bubbles and it hurts when I go to the bathroom. They said there was microscopic blood in the urine. I also had a Cat Scan and that came out fine and had the cystoscopy and since having the cystoscopy that stared the urine being foamy or bubbles, don't know exactly the right term, plus now it hurts to go to the bathroom. So waiting to see if anyone calls me back on this.

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