Posted by marvkw @marvkw, Feb 25, 2022

We each are expiriencing more. My wife of 32 yrs is in her 7th year of MCI now mid early-mid stage vascular dementia. I am her sole caregiver. She is 91 but I am only 87. We have friends and some close family (too many have ghosted.) Her memory is nearly gone, sad that I am actually writing this. Lets get out of this depression! Anyone have this experience and what have you done?

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Hi @marvkw This is a tough one for sure! My wife fought her war with brain cancer for over 14 years and at various times each, or both, of us fought being depressed. We, too, had most of our family and friends ghost on us and that made it even more challenging as you know.

I know each of our journeys are unique, but in my case, I took to taking bits of time and writing to old friends and the few who stayed in touch with us. Sometimes just a sentence or two, some a postcard, often email, plus posting here on Connect, and some actually a letter. Just doing this was quite a balm for me and helped me not feel quite as alone and depressed.

I wish I had some magic potion or suggestion, but at least this did help me.

Strength, Courage, & Peace


Very good ideas. Thank you very much.

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