Dementia sleeping a lot

Posted by donald1967 @donald1967, Jan 15 12:08pm

My Brother who has dementia due to brain surgery and radiation treatment, progressing for 15 years now. He now sleeps for what seems like two days straight and then can be awake and active for one day. I know it’s normal progression for later stages, but it’s concerning for nutrition. has anyone else experience this?

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Hello, @donald1967 I'm sorry to read of your brother's health issues. It is a tough journey for sure.

I know every patient is unique, but in my wife's case, she slept quite a bit post-brain surgery. Her neurosurgeon told us that the brain tries its best to 'rewire' itself during sleep and not when the patient is awake so the brain craves sleep during those times. So she, too, went through those alternating periods of sleep and wakefulness.

Not sure this helps at all, but it was our experience.

Are you his caregiver?
Strength, Courage, & Peace


I have dementia and my sleep patterns has changed to sleeping more, close my eyes all the time while sleeping.

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