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I have a mother who was first diagnosed with dementia 2 yes ago…at that time health care professionals described her condition as being moderatly severe…previous to this I had spent years trying to have her formally assessed without luck…only a fall and a rather disturbing visit to the emergency room finally made this assessment happen. I have spent the last ten years caring for her but the last 4 or 5 have been very difficult, for both of us. I like to read about possible bone treatments for dementia, and some rather unorthodox but interesting treatments have been the use of sonar and of stem cell use to regenerate healthy cells. Has anyone read about these treatments…from what I understand ultra sound not only works to help medication cross the blood brain barrier but also is quite effective without the medicine. Has anyone heard if either of these treatments have progressed to human trials, or have garnered initial results? Have issues and obstacles to human trials of these treatments even been overcome?

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I haven't heard about the ultrasound treatment or use of sonar that you speak of. Do you have any links to evidence-based articles or studies?

Neuroregeneration (stem cell therapy) is a focus area of study at Mayo Clinic. You can read more about it here:

To help people learn more about the proven therapies and the promise of developing therapies, Mayo Clinic offers a free telephone consult service. When you call the consult service, they will tell you about the availability of approved stem cell therapy at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere, and for what conditions. They can also tell you about research studies that are actively recruiting participants. Furthermore, you can add your name to a database to be notified when additional studies and information become available. You can learn more about the Consult Service here
Or call 1-844-276-2003 to speak with one of our experts.

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