Degenerative discs and scoliosis

Posted by mrmaid11 @mrmaid11, Sep 27, 2017

My 62 year old daughter with special needs was diagnosed with degenerative discs and scoliosis. She periodically has bad flares with a lot of inflammation but at other times always has pain. She participates in an arthritis water class 3x a week, sees a chiropractor periodically , off and on has PT. when things get out of hand her spine doc usually puts her on a pack of prednisone which quiets things down. She uses heat for comfort, takes Mobil regularly at times. She tried restorative yoga but didn’t do well with. It. Any suggestions to help her be more comfortable. She lists to the side and buying clothes is a problem.. she is very grave but is always in pain…

I meant to say she is very brave and the drug she takes is Mobil.

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Hi @mrmaid11, I encourage you to join the Mayo Clinic Connect scoliosis discussion group here:
Read what others have shared and please introduce yourself.

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