Degenerative arthritis relief

Posted by pwb @pwb, 5 days ago

Does anyone have thoughts on how to relieve Degenerative arthritis in the lower back?

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pwb – I have same as you, pain lower back. Heating pad or cold back whichever helps, for me it is cold pack. If I am in bed I use it. There are many pain ointments on the market which are good – I suggest Voltaren. You can also purchase pain patches you place where the pain is. I have not tried the patches but I have tried Voltaren and it really helps. Tylenol muscle and body is sustained release for 8 hours. I use this at night and it lasts all night. Last, I do not know how bad you pain is – but I have used Tylenol #1 if it is really bad. I try to only take one tab as it has 8mg of codeine in it and if you use it too often you become addicted to it, so I only use as last resort. I wish you luck, lower back pain affects a lot of activities and is not pleasant to cope with. That said – it could be worse!


I had a laminectomy last year and am pain free. But I keep up with daily walking, exercises stretching, working with weights and lying on the floor. This is keeping me in really good shape.

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