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D&C, possible hysterectomy

Posted by @emi in Women's Health, Sep 23, 2012

Had spotting over 2 mos. ago. Stopped inside a week's time. OB-GYN did biopsy and found dbl lining of blood in uterus. She postponed my D&C 3 times w/o good reason. She wanted to act quickly then slowed down. I turned to Mayo for help. I don't know what to do; cost of going to MN is factor. I'm, frankly, scared. Any comments are appreciated.

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Posted by @kam2005, Oct 30, 2012

I encourage you to seek care at Mayo Clinic as they have an EXCELLENT gynecology department and will be able to help you; however, I totally understand your costs concerns. At least get another opinion or seek another gynecologist in your own town. Doctors sometimes are rushed when seeing patients and we leave without getting our questions & concerns addressed. Make a list of all your questions... none of them are stupid or silly... make sure you get them addressed before you leave and write your answers down as you get them answered. Don't be afraid to take your time with the MD. That is what you are paying for. I had a D&C and it was a piece of cake. I too may be facing a hysterectomy but even though you have probably heard of scary things about it I have spoken with lots and lots of women who say it is the best thing that ever happened to them. God Bless.


Posted by @emi, Oct 31, 2012

Thnx for your valuable input! I sent records and my biopsy to Mayo and received an iffy, maybe, maybe not result. In the meantime, the dr. who dropped me like a bowling ball received much more info from them. She wasn't supposed to be involved. That's another story. She called me anxious to have me see an anethesiologist first. I have a heart condition, but it's strong now. I've had surgery before and my heart did very well. It's still a maybe/maybe not possibility of uterine condition. I've had two previous D&C's and want to have this done. It's exhausting being the pingpong ball in a game you don't want to play! My cardio wanted another test even tho my heart proved to be sound. They weren't exactly helpful or honest. Long story and when I get my emotions straight on this I'll see the anethesiologist and get 'er done. Thanks again.

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