Breast pain NOT cancer

Posted by eastcoastamy @eastcoastamy, Oct 9, 2022

Hello! I’m 44 years old and from Canada. For 2 months now, I’ve had breast pain in my left breast. I’ve had a mammogram and ultrasound and there are no cysts, or masses of any kind. It’s not cyclical, and it’s not related to exercise strain, injury or ill-fitting bra. It’s tender to touch and that is my only symptom. My doctor chalked it up to tender breast tissue. She’s a great doctor and would send me for an MRI if I asked. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this?

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@eastcoastamy breasts can be tender for no reason at all. I am sorry to be the bearer of that news. If you feel like there is something there, be your own advocate and make sure someone keeps looking, but it sounds as if you trust your doctor to have your best interest. Some questions I would be asking myself are; is this tenderness always in the same place? Did it start suddenly or over time? Is it skin deep or deeper? Is the location on the breast significant? Answering these can lead you to the questions for your doctor that might help resolve this.


My pain is in the same place under my underarm and across right above my nipples. No cancer


Get an MRI.!!!

October ‘21 I had a symptom ( no pain) and Mammo and ultrasound were “ normal”. Symptom persisted and so did I. Requested MRI… on Jan 4, ‘22 boom! Not one but two medium size tumors: invasive Ductal Carcinoma! By February I had a unilateral mastectomy.

I hope you don’t have cancer but definitely rule it out with an MRI!


Thank you when I visit OBGYN next time I will ask for one ! Yo me pain usually means something

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