CT for DVT diagnosis? Low CBC due to DVT?

Posted by susie75 @susie75, May 26 10:09pm

My 76-year-old husband who is basically in very good health was diagnosed 12 days ago with a DVT in 3 veins in his left leg via ultrasound and a D-Dimer blood test of 9.05 (Normal value: < 0.50 mcg/mL).

His only clot symptom was lots of edema/swelling in his left foot and calf – no warmth, redness or pain. Saw his PCP on Tuesday who did some bloodwork and sent him for an ultrasound. The PCP confirmed the blood clot, told him to stop taking his 81 mg Aspirin, take Eliquis for 3 months and referred him to see a hematologist. PCP said the Clot is probably due to inactivity for the past 6 months due to very painful sciatica in his right leg caused by 2 herniated discs. (Been struggling to get this resolved but that’s another story.)

Could not see the hematologist until a week later but hen we did, he also blamed the clot on his inactivity and was very nonchalant about it. The CBS that the PCP ordered showed Red Blood Count, Hemoglobulin and Hematocrit to all be below the normal range and when we asked if this was related to the clot he said no and also said he was not concerned about it??? Told him to take Eliquis for 6 months and return to see him in 6 months. We asked if he would need an ultrasound to see if clot had disappeared and he said no. Then at 7:30 that night he emailed my husband and told him “I forgot to mention about doing a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis for completeness to ensure there is no anatomical variation in the left pelvic veins / arteries that rarely can be associated with Left leg clots.” His office called the following day and CT is set for June 3 with a follow-up with Doctor on June 7.

Does all this sound logical? Is this CT a normal order for a blood clot? Should hematologist have been concerned about the low CBC? What type of follow-up in 6 months is needed for a DVT? Thanks for any insight.

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