creatinine levels after kidney donation

Posted by sameeh123 @sameeh123, Jul 5, 2019

what are the acceptable numbers for creatinine for a kidney donor ?

yes. usually it is higher after donation.
i donated my kidney 3 months ago.
before donation creatinine was 1.07
immediately after operation it was 1.8
now it is between 1.53-1.63
According to literature it is accepted up to 1.9 for those with one kidney .
normal range for rest of the population as you know .6 – 1.3


Oh, I did not know that. So, the donor does experience some kidney function loss.


we can not say loss for all donors but this will be the new adaptation status .

many donors enjoy a very healthy life without any restrictions with these numbers.


So, when you use "many," are their statistics available? Thanks.


The conclusion of many studies is that donors have a normal life after donation.
Percentage varies from 80-95 % of the donors according to these studies.

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