CPAP (Phillips recall) and Cancer

Posted by John R A @johnra, Jun 17, 2021

I have recently learned that the manufacturer of the Dreamweaver CPAP (Phillips) is recalling these machines. They have evidence that the machines are emitting gasses and particles that may cause cancer. I have been using one of these machines for almost five years, and just over a year ago I was diagnosed with CEL. I would be interested to hear if other CEL patients (or other leukemias) are CPAP users?

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One likes to believe that designs of things improve through time. But sometimes they do not. I continue using my 8 year old APAP because when I wanted to replace my ResMed S9 I insisted on trying a potential successor in the DME supplier’s office. The next model, an S10, had a strong odor of Plastic! They may attempt to cajole that it’s “like a new car smell and will wear off.” Don’t believe it. Years ago I purchased a CPAP which Always stank of plastic! For all five years of use! When I saw the ResMed S11 recently it was so awkwardly designed that I didn’t even ask to plug it in. Since I do not use a heated humidifier there is no reason for an excessive plastic sleeve to stick out to hold that attachment. Would take up extra space in the hopeful event my future covid immunity allows traveling again The S9 is still the most compact, odorless and quiet. Hope to get a few more years of use from it.

Summing up: always ask to try a new APAP or CPAP. If it stinks, don’t accept it! (Oh. And by the way, my wonderful DME supplier who uses an APAP herself and didn’t notice the S10 plastic odor, had an endocrine-related lung cancer.)


I have had initial discussions with an attorney, and will keep the list updated with progress. My "provider" indicated that I might be supplied with parts to update my machine. That did not make me feel happy.

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I received the "replacement" for my dream station. They sent me a recertified machine that was from 2018. I bought mine in 2020. Why would I want some old machine. How is that equitable?


Hello @johnra – John, I see this is your first post.
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I see the recall by Phillips you refer to is due to the filter media that has been used which could cause some health issues.
I would expect that there are many people who use CPAP machines that have a variety of illnesses, where the CPAP would not be relevant cause in any way. (not dismissing that it could not be however)
Being a cancer survivor myself, I can understand why you are seeking a reason for your diagnosis. I know for me, I ask myself quite often, why did this happen to me? I usually end at things just happen in most cases.

Are you on a particular treatment for CEL?
How are you feeling?

Stay safe,

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Hello Bob,

John is not the only CPAP user that has been diagnosed with cancer. There are many others who are also battling cancer after having used Philips CPAP machines. This fact has already been established. When there is a clear pattern, across many people, over a reasonable period of time, that share a similar experience, then a correlation can be established. Yes, John’s concerns are very legitimate!


For an extensive discussion of the CPAP/BPAP recall and the ensuing law suit see:


Has there been an additional recall of C-Paps and Bi-paps? I saw an article on news last week 3/2023. I had a Bi- Bap, sent it back, used about 5 months and same symptoms started again. I have stop with Drs approval. I have been sick with other illness, is it to late to complete got form, I registered the first recall, but did not complete follow up paperwork.
Also, should u join a lawsuit or wait on got?


I too had used the same c-pap machine recalled by Philips I’m still waiting to get the new one.
I stopped using it because I kept getting an unidentified distinct smell in one nostril I’d start getting hot, dizzy and shaky for few minutes. No idea if the cause


The above link states that, “ the Food and Drug Administration has since received 105,000 complaints — including 385 reported deaths — tied to leaking foam in the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines.”


If anyone who used Philips recalled CPAP machines and has been diagnosed with cancer, will you please private message me.

I know someone who used the CPAP machine for 7 years and was diagnosed with 2 very rare cancers in multiple organs 1.5 years ago. We would like to talk with you.


My husband also passed from anaplastic thyroid cancer in March. We had a terrible time with the Phillips recall as they would send him the recall notice and then tell him when he called, it did not include his machine. After a year or so of this, they finally agreed his machine was part of the recall. When he was diagnosed, I immediately made the connection with the recall. He died within three weeks of his first symptom, the lost of his voice. It was hard even processing what had just happened, let alone agreeing to an autopsy for legal purposes. So much misery caused by this company.


Here is the newsletter from the class action attorney that is handling the case against Phillips:

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Philips CPAP-BiPAP Newsletter Vol (Philips-CPAP-BiPAP-Newsletter-Vol.-1.pdf)

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