MAC and getting the COVID vaccine

Posted by cmi @cmi, Jan 6, 2021

This is a wonderful a real cooperativa family...we are a band of patients that strategize together...amazing. All good dialogue for “rits”...I also believe the CAT scan would be a good arms the doctor with evidence.

I have another question for the group...what are the feelings on “us” being candidates for the Covid vaccine? Has anyone yet vaccinated? I see my ID doc this is one of my concerns. Any feedback appreciated.

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I got my booster (third shot) on Wednesday after they announced on Saturday you could get one if immune deficient. That was over a month ago. Reaction was similar to the second injection and well worth it. It’s a good feeling to have it. Thankful for it’s development and safety.


Had booster mid-August eight months after second shot. Really no issues to speak of. Headache and slightly lethargic for a day. Feel more protected but continue to mask, avoid crowds, and socializing. Praying we all stay safe and healthy.


I had a scary reaction to my first and only Pfizer vaccine in late August. It didn't start until later in the day, went all night, then started lessening during the following day. My heart was going BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! really hard and skipping every 3 or 4 beats. The odd thing is that I had exactly that reaction earlier in the summer when I found out that I was allergic to tart cherries. I have several other allergies, including shellfish, latex, and some pollens. I'm trying to think of alternative ways I can get immunized. Wasn't crazy about what I read about the J&J one. If I could I would try the children's one, which is a third the dose of the regular adult Pfizer one. as a test.

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I had pretty bad reactions - headache, fever, joint pain, fatigue and a huge inflammatory flare after my second dose. Had to be calmed with a course of prednisone. At my doc's direction, got my 3rd dose last Friday, sore arm for a few days, and that's it. These new variants scare the @#$% out of me with bad lungs, so I was ready to roll up my sleeve again.

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