COVID Vaccine in kids: Questions about myocarditis risk and recovery

Posted by fdodelap @fdodelap, Jun 6, 2021

My 13 years old son is scheduled for his COVID-19 vaccination; however, I'm reading contradictory information about the vaccine's side effects. For example, there are increased reported cases of myocarditis. But, on the other hand, I read about kids getting myocarditis after they got COVID.
So, is there a correlation between kids with a pre-existing condition that may trigger myocarditis and the vaccine's side effects and/or the disease?

To be more precise, it is safe to say that the COVID vaccine is safe in children; however, if a kid will have myocarditis, he will have it either with a vaccine or the disease?

Thank you!

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@findingmyserenity47 – Don’t worry- no drama!
It’s obviously your decision if your children get vaccinated or not. You have researched the pros and cons and made your decision based on information out there.
There are other ways to avoid Covid- avoiding crowded situations, face masks, hand washing and keeping a distance.


I am looking for any recomendations from the medical world for a 31 yr. old who developed myocarditis after his second MRNA vaccine. He then got covid and is totally recovered. Should he get a booster, should he use a non MRNA vaccine for it, should he do nothing. I appreciate any advice or studies. Thanks John

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