Covid Legs and Toes

Posted by jesmorales @jesmorales, May 4 12:02pm

Hi Everyone,

Long hauler since November 2020, I am still experiencing pain and weakness in my legs along with my toes turning purple or red. Sometimes my toes will feel hot. My doctor said to stretch and this is not helping. Anyone have any tips or experiencing the same thing? I’m ready for this long Covid to be done I have other symptoms but figured I would start with this.

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I too have this symptom since having covid.. I found it helpful to lay down with your legs raised to help the blood flow back..another thing is massaging your legs and feet several times a day, wear loose clothing especially for your lower body because anything tight fitting will aggravate the problem. It’s not perfect but you should feel some relief if you do these things regularly. I do like to share with others what I know but it’s important that you are also getting medical attention to be safe.


My child with POTS after a viral infection had these symptoms – purple feet and toes. (Also erythromelalgia (burning feet and hands) in addition to Raynauds.)
She is currently being treated by a rheumatologist and an autoimmune neurologist familiar with dysautonomia. IVIG is helping.

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