Post Covid Symptoms and what has helped me.

Posted by lle04 @lle04, Nov 19, 2022

I have fibromyalgia and post thyroid cancer in 2000. Got Covid May 2022. Have all of the symptoms long haulers experience. Dizziness, hair loss, canker sores in mouth, brain fog, trouble focusing, fatigue, muscle aces and pain, muscle weakness, etc, etc. Have had eye exam with a small spot behind my retina that was not there on exam before Covid. Working with PT doing the same exercises others have explained. Seems that Covid has increased my fibromyalgia symptoms. Working with my primary doctor with treatment. I have started low dose naltraxone and this helps with brain fog, decreasing the pain and helps with sleep. Along with the PT I hope this is going to help in the long haul. I also take an antihistamine for my ears and head stuffiness, thyroid replacement, celexa for anxiety and calcium with vitamin D. Hoping to be on the mend soon. Hope this may help anyone else dealing with this too

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. May I ask, please… is your primary care a GP? I’ve been told I need to work with a pain specialist to discuss using LDN.


I get LDN from AgelessRX. Most Doctors are clueless about the drug.


I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. May I ask, please… is your primary care a GP? I’ve been told I need to work with a pain specialist to discuss using LDN.

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I brought in two research articles about LDN and long Covid to my primary care (family practice) doc.

She was happy to try LDN and I was able to get it from a compounding pharmacy.

The plan is to do 1.5 mg for a month and 3 mg for the second month and have a follow up appointment with her to see if it’s working.

I’ve been using it for about a week. I think it’s helping with the brain, fog and fatigue, but sort of hard to tell, as I am also on a two week staycation and always feel better when I’m not working.


Thank you for your comments and suggestions . I too have long covid. I had covid in August of 2021. I lost ⅔of my hair. I now have asthma. My anxiety is heightened and much worse than it was. Another thing that happened is I have neuropathy. Both of my feet and I have numb spots in different places on my body. The worst is my feet because the nerve of pain is so so painful . My doc gave me gabapentin for it and it helps take the edge off because there's some days it feels like I have IcyHot from the tips of my toes up my legs almost to my knees. My taste and smell still comes and goes after all this time. I also have fibro and it's worse than it was joints and aches and pains are much worse than they used to be. I may not have given suggestions but I'm just sharing what happened to me . I shudder to think what will happen next . We're in this together! God bless us all!


These comments and suggestions give hope. Sometimes trying to explain the symptoms that have developed from Covid are not understood. Having a forum such as this is like therapy.
The itch that I have experienced began a few days after my positive Covid test. The itch isn’t just a discomfort it causes much anxiety. At times there is a deep burn which is preferable to me. It has continued since July. Either one of these conditions are visible.
I was recently was diagnosed with a neurological itch last week.
Gabapentin was prescribed. I wonder how your prescription was written.
The shortness of breath and a deep cough has developed. My arthritis discomfort has increased. Amazingly the joint paint changes in locations from knees, fingers or neck. Has anyone experienced the occasional scent of metal?
Do temperature swings seem to effect anyone’s symptoms?
I am wondering if different geographical areas could be a source of certain symptoms.

Thank you to all, who have discussed their Covid experiences and conditions. They are real.
Wether our stories are different or similar it’s reassuring to speak openly.

May God bless and prayers to everyone.



I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. May I ask, please… is your primary care a GP? I’ve been told I need to work with a pain specialist to discuss using LDN.

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Yes my primary is a GP


Make sure your b12 numbers are normal
Also try Pepcid ac
Was a game changer for me for fatigue and brain fog




I’ve been taking B12 500mcg for a few days. It seems to help somewhat. Today I went to a 4 mile walk class that includes four mile walk and arm movements. By the end of the second mile I found myself fading. The strength I had was sapped from my body. I struggled through the third mile.
Hopefully tomorrow will be easier for me. Was diagnosed on 10/23/22.


I have been missing in action… but happy to report significant success in my recovery.. I finished Mayo PRC program in June and In July began hyperbaric treatment at Aviv Clinics in the Villages. I am almost fully recovered. I intend to be healed by June 2023.

I was diagnosed with COVID September 2020.

I’ve decrease my inflammation with my diet.

I restored my sleep with strict sleep hygiene.

I have eliminated 13 medications I need after my initial.

I only take supplements.

I have advice if you all have questions..

I credit my success to the WHOOP, I reprogrammed my neurological system and symptoms. It allowed me to avoid the push and crash.

PRC with Dr Sletten taught me how to minimize my symptoms, supervised medication with drawl, increased my activity tolerance. Literally reprogrammed my brain.

Stop talking about your symptoms with people that can’t help you. They are only reinforcing them and creating stronger neurological symptom pathways.

Aviv clinics has a COVID protocol. Dr Elamir took care of me. He was in New Jersey when COVID hit. He is amazing my life line. I understand how depressing and anxious it can be thinking about the future. I have so much hope for the future.

The hyperbarics created a physiological pathway to begin healing my body and my brain. I couldn’t feel my feet and hands I couldn’t see. I struggled walking talking and anything else you can imagine.

I’ll post some links. Below. I wish you all well.

Most of my content and information is on Instagram from the beginning you can look up the content under #covidrecoverymama BE WELL.

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