Could this be heart or GERD???

Posted by veronica2018 @veronica2018, Nov 20 10:33am

I have currently been having pain under my left arm into my armpit. I'll get jaw pain and pain in my breast. Nothing unbearable. I have felt around and nothing is sore. It doesn't hurt to move my arm at all. I haven't done anything that would cause my arm to hurt. I'm freaking out that I might be having or getting ready to have a heart attack. I've also had lots of indigestion and feeling full sensation. I do have GERD and take 40mg of Propranolol for years. But, I do still get heartburn. This has been going on for 4 days now! I'm starting to really worry.

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I understand how worried you must be- heart disease in women sometimes doesn’t present itself as it does in men.
If I were you I would call my doctor immediately or go to the ER. You really have to find out what is going on as soon as possible.
Will you let us know what happens?

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