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Posted by Ludwig Habada @lhabada, Oct 14, 2022

I'm not sure when I actually had COPD, but my coughing started out slowly about 20 years ago every morning while showering. It has progressed to now, at least two daily coughing spells trying to get the phlegm out of my lungs. (Generally, without success) I take two puffs of Spiriva every morning at 7:30am. I do not need oxygen as my oxygen is always in the mid 90's which I check daily. Has anybody had any success in treating these coughing spells?

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@lhabada Hello, let's talk about your coughing spells for a minute. First, I do not have COPD myself, but I have several other lung issues that often lead to the kind of coughing spells you are talking about.

Your description sounds like what my Mom called morning coffee gathering in her Winter Texan clubhouse – "The old guys morning cough-ee klatsch" We didn't know it then, but I know now that there is something we can do to help. It is called "airway clearance" – a couple years ago I taught a friend with COPD to do it, and it cut down on his coughing.

Basically, airway clearance is all about taking a few minutes to loosen the mucus and cough it out deliberately.
Here are some tips if your have COPD:
Here are a couple of demonstrations:

This one uses an Aerobika (Positive Expiratory Pressure) device to help move the mucus:

At first, probably for a couple weeks, this process will seem burdensome. You make take a few days to learn to do it correctly. Never force coughing until your ribs are sore! Then, you will be bringing up EVEN MORE mucus than you are now – you are clearing out the "buildup." Finally, you will figure out how many times a day you need to do it, whether you can skip a day sometimes, and what time is best for you.

What I have found is to do it in the morning after my shower, and if I am coughing, later in the day after my walk or yard & garden work. If you want to try the Aerobika, Acapella or a similar device, you should be able to get it from your doctor, or they are available on-line.

Are you ready to add a new exercise to your day?


I know how terrible that is May I suggest liquid Mucinex it actually really helps me. I take the night one as well as directed. God Bless
All the best.

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