Considering being a non directed live liver donor--have questions

Posted by cathyczub @cathyczub, Nov 22, 2023

Hi All!
Curious about experiences from other live liver donors--mostly about the surgery recovery, but anything else you want to share would be great!
Thank you!

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Hi, @cathyczub.
I have located this discussion that was introduced by @dolson916 who donated a part of her liver to a friend's mom.

- Process of being a live liver donor

@cathyczub. How did you come to consider looking into being a living donor?


Here is a support group where members have generously donated and shared their experiences with 2 living organ donation surgeries. ❤️I am sharing it here so that you can meet @lwilkey, @danhoe, @rebekahinvt

- Any double donors out there: liver and kidney?

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