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connective tissue disease

Posted by @gt, Feb 24, 2012

I have connective tissue disease. What can I do to feel better? There is always something not quite right. I get sore, tired, stiff, cramps and headaches. Does anyone have any ideas?


Shell bell

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Posted by @shellbell, Feb 26, 2012

I too suffer from connective tissue disease disorder. Which over the years the doctors have renamed it fibromyalgia. Everyday it seems I hurt in different places . The worst part is once the calve muscles stop hurting then the back muscles spasm, or my feet hurt.making everyday a feel lousy day ! Does anyone else feel this way?

Posted by @exscruciatingfibropain, Feb 27, 2012

Unfortunately Every Single Second Of My Being!! Whether I finally Realized Makes A Tremendous Difference too sweetie!! It’s Absolutely The Most Craziest Thing I Can Think Of!! You Can Sit Down & Then Out Of The Blue Get Blindsided When You Get Up & Your Back Is Throbbing & Your Burning Between Your Shoulder Blades,To Oh My When It Settles In Your Back & Hips and You Fell Like Your Trying To Walk With Something of Great Heavy WIEGHT Is Hanging Off Your Hips!! I’m Sorry But For Me Excersize Does NOT Help At All Only Makes It Worse For Me! It Causes Migraine Headaches To Muscle spazams In Your Calfskin Into Your Feet separating Your Toes,To Straight up The Back Of Your Legs Into Your Bottom !! Wow Is All I Can Say On That One!! Rather Be Punched In The Head I Think!! What Medications Are You On For Your Fibromyalgia Hell Ride?? Sorry For Rhe Language But My Pain Is About a 12/13 Right Now!!! Please Do Remember One Very Important Thing Please ok …Always Remember Your Doctor Is Employed By “YOU”!!! If They Are Not Listening To You…It’s Time To Go Elsewhere !!! I Will Be More Than Happy To Share All I Know About This Dreadful Disease!! Yes it’s a Disease!! I Went to YouTube & Typed In Fibromyalgia & Was Shocked at All The Videos…I Didn’t Feel So All Alone & Completely Misunderstood By People We Are Around Daily…They Can’t & Don’t Get It & Unless Ir Gets Them..God Forebid They Will Only Know It As A World With No Compassion!! That’s What I Deal With All Day!! I Pray Your Not Having To Go Through People Who Just Don’t Understand Your Pain & Are Not Sympathetic @ All To It!! Not Pitty @ All..Just A Little Sympothy or A Kind Word Would Go A Long Way!! I Pray You Feel Better & Always Know..I Understand Your Pain & Your Welcome To Vent All You Want To ,To Me!!
My Name Is Rae (female) Just Turned 48 Saturday
My email address is..
Big Gentle Hugs My Friends!! xxxx

Posted by @exscruciatingfibropain, Feb 27, 2012

@ Shell Bell ….This Was/Is For You Sweetie..Sorry About That!! I Will Keep You In My Prayers Always..No Ones A Stranger In My Eyes Fighting These Dreadful Diseases/Illnesses …We Are All Family & Here To Help Each Other Out <3
Gentle Hugs and May God Bless You Always. I Pray Today Is Better For You & Everyone Else Too!! God Bless..<3 “Excruciating Fibromyalgia Pain” Hi I’m Rae!
Please Kind Of Excuse My Earlier Status I Was/Am So Much Pain I Kinda Went Down That Road Of Not Meaning To …But Rambling To Try To Take My Mind Somewhere Other Than The Insane Excruciating Fibromyalgia Pain…Now My Back Has Gave Out & Here I Go Again Having To Learn About More Illnesses/Diseases/Syndromes I’ve Never Heard Of That Causes Mind Blowing Pain!!! Good Luck —Shell Bell & To All Of You On Here!!


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Posted by @livingngrace, May 21, 2012

If its within your budget… Hot tub! If it’s not… Find a way to make it happen. I’ve fought this for 14 years and 15-20 min each day after work relieves the stiffness and pain enough for me to enjoy my evening (MOST DAYS) also, talk to your doctor about diet changes… I have eliminated all enriched (white) flour from my diet. Only eat 100% whole grains… And ginger is a natural pain reliever… Please talk to Dr of course about the ginger and such. But there are natural ways to combat this disease.

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