Posted by sofaramnotdead @sofaramnotdead, Aug 31, 2017

I have CLL. I had 5 chemo treatments which ended 13 months-ago, and so far, I’m still in remission. Has anyone else here been in remission from
CLL? Thanks.


Justin thank u for the info on green tea extract research. The exact info I read , I am just not well learned in computer copying & sending. We will ask our hematologist for his opinion. Wonder where I could find locate them, maybe a health & v itamin sstore. My husband & I are 71 , we live in Michigan. Thank you for replying . Too funny my husband said he just found them available at Walmart on the computer. Take care,Mumzie

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I have been buying my EGCG online from Piping Rock for about two years now and it has definitely helped reduce my lymphs levels. I take a 600mg capsule each morning and night. This is the link to their website.

I don't know what dose should be taken so I took a punt and settled on one capsule morning and night. Anyone know?

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