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@mumzie, your post inspired me to do some quick searching about green tea extract for CLL patients, and the early research is promising on its ability to kill leukemia cancer cells. Here are a few resources that I found on this topic after you brought it to attention to the community:


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Justin thank u for the info on green tea extract research. The exact info I read , I am just not well learned in computer copying & sending. We will ask our hematologist for his opinion. Wonder where I could find locate them, maybe a health & v itamin sstore. My husband & I are 71 , we live in Michigan. Thank you for replying . Too funny my husband said he just found them available at Walmart on the computer. Take care,Mumzie

I see where back in 2010, a Mayo physician reported that "green tea extract keeps cancer in check in the majority of CLL patients."

I read it. A doctor said that it is not a replacement for chemotherapy. And it ends with “Without a phase III clinical trial, we cannot make a recommendation that EGCG be used by CLL patients." And a couple of years later I read that EGCG
can cause transminitis (elevated liver levels).

So what happened in the phase III clinical trial? Thanks.