Chronic vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain in kids

Posted by concerned mtn. mom @concernedmtnmom, Jan 16, 2012

My daughter is 10 and has four main symptoms, all chronic: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in left abdomen. Started w/severe diarrhea 3 mos. ago. We did blood tests for parasites, bacteria, wheat allergy, CBC, celiac, dairy allergy. All negative. Didn’t get better, went to a GI specialist at the children’s hosp. Same tests plus a viral panel showed nothing. Since we have Crohn’s and colitis in the fam, they did an endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsies. Everything negative; they definitively ruled out Crohn’s, colitis, celiac. After these biopsies the diarrhea got better but has since gotten quite severe. Making things worse, she started vomiting after these tests, along with nausea, sometimes severe vomiting episodes (2 hr. long spells). She is skinny and holding her weight, but barely—she should be gaining. GI doc pretty much “broke up” with us (that’s what it felt like) and was surprised when our pediatrician called to say she was not getting better. She made an appt. to see us 3 wks later. Meanwhile, my daughter is sick as a dog! So we got an MRI of her brain to see if it’s “abdominal migraines/cyclic vomiting.” MRI showed no cancer or tumors or bleeding or infections—thank God. Neurologist followup appt determined she has no neurological problems. They ruled out cyclic vomiting (she’s never had a normal spell w/o vomiting) and may want to followup with an EEG to look for autonomic nervous system dysfunction. We did an upper GI with a barium swallow test (small intest. follow-thru) and that was normal, so still no answers. That’s where we are…waiting to see the GI again. So sad and frustrated. She has missed two and a half mos. of school and counting. She has never been constipated or had bloating or gas. Lots of sharp pains across belly and in the left corner. They also ruled out h. pylori but said she has GERD and some esophagitis as a result but the Prilosec has taken forever to kick in. Any ideas or similar stories? We can find nothing on Mayo site or elsewhere to rule in any possible diagnoses.

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Hello all. It has been a long year and we are in search of answers. Our 23 month old son has been sick for almost a full year now. Here is what we have so far. He literally vomits 1 or multiple times a day for months. So far we have switched him off of Vitamin D milk and trying Almond Milk. Still vomiting. He has done a Upper GI swallow test and came back normal, 1 Hospital said he has asthma, Gastro doctor thinks it is GERD and put him on Omeprazol 2 times a day for 30 days. Still vomiting. Went to an ENT and he is thinking it is his adenoids and wants to remove them next month. We did an Allergy test for outdoor allergies. Told us he was to young for Allergy Food testing. His Gastro Doc did blood work but did not tell us for what but said all came back normal. Also Gastro Doc recommended the switch from Vitamin D milk to Almond milk. It seems no matter what he eats now within minutes or an hour he is vomiting it right back. His pediatrician keeps giving us Nausea pills and sending us on our way. Our son literally gets sick randomly day or middle of the night. Sometimes he can be sitting there and just vomit. So far we cannot get any Accurate answers from anyone. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. We go back to Gastro Doctor in about 3 weeks to try another plan of action. Thank you for your opinion in advance.


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@timandmichelle, have they ruled out any obstruction or inflammation of the GI tract/tube or any of its buds that may cause vomiting?


Neurologically healthy?


@astaingegerdm, @numbskull
I've had him tested for celiac, h pylori, he did have a type of fungus in esophagus they had treated, he also has vitiligo. I've also seen an endocrinologist thinking thyroid, nothing although c4 was low/ normal they said not it. The fungus shocked me it implies an immune issue, but his weight loss and pain are really imperative for me. I'll look at everything I truly appreciate the responses and kindness

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Hello @timandmichelle

I read your post and can certainly understand your concern as well as your frustration. How difficult it must be to have a 23 month old who vomits so frequently and not be able to find any answers for the problem.

A few questions come to mind: I'm wondering about his growth. How is his weight? Have his doctors checked him for vitamin deficiency? What about his energy level? Is he able to participate in activities like others his age? Is he seeing a pediatric GI specialist? Are you near a Mayo facility or other multidisciplinary hospital system (like a university medical school) where you could get a second opinion?


Hello @timandmichelle

You last posted about your son's vomiting problem at the end of the year. Have there been any changes or answers to his problem?

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