Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Small Fiber Neuropathy

Posted by jeanniem @jeanniem, Mar 15 9:15pm

I read an article recently about the possibility that CFS is connected in some way with SFN. I find this interesting because my first dx was CFS and I recently had two punch biopsies done that both showed SFN. I am 95% certain my CFS was triggered by some horrible virus I had (3 rounds of antibiotics didn’t touch it and I couldn’t go back to work full time for a good 6 months even after I was “better”). Would this indicate that neuropathy could be triggered or “woken up” by a viral infection? Anyone know any good research articles on this topic? Inquiring minds. 🙂

Hello @jeanniem. You will notice that I have included your post in the Autoimmune Diseases Group as well as here in the Neuropathy Group to allow more members to see your post and to participate in a discussion.

As well, if you are interested, there is a specific discussion on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome if you would like to find support specific to that diagnosis at any point:

I did also find this older discussion on post-viral neuropathy that I wanted to share.
-Post-Viral Neuropathy:
Might you recall the article you read linking the two diagnoses so you can share for those interested in reading?


Thanks for the connection. It is interesting to think that the antibiotics could have contributed to the problem as well as the viral infection. The whole thing has certainly put me in the category of a medical mystery. At one point, I was dx with Lupus due to symptoms combined with +anti-RNA. After a few years, my blood tests went back to normal and my symptoms lessened. I had occasional smaller "flare ups" until about 4 years ago. I have been tested for everything, I think, but landed on small and large fiber neuropathy, confirmed by an EMG and 2 punch biopsies.

Here is a link to one of the articles about the study. It is fairly recent and I don't know if they have been able to replicate the results. Warning, you might have to create a free account to read the entire article.

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