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Good evening @sswin, and may I also welcome you to Connect. Thanks also to @colleenyoung for her introduction to several folks who can share their stories. And……we are all a little different. Rachel, @rwinney, will be able to relate to your fatigue issues I am sure.

I was diagnosed with SFN about 9 years ago. At that time, my brain MRI revealed aging lesions but nothing that at the time was threatening in any way. It was definitely the pain….the pain….the pain. I started with Gabapentin which had to be reduced because of side effects. And the remaining dosage was moved to nighttime because it would help control the pain until about noon the next day. And that worked for a while.

About five years ago I discovered medical cannabis and it has taken over the role of pain control for my SFN. It was doing reasonably well. However, I turned 80 this year and I think my prize was an increase in my level of fatigue. Unfortunately, I began to take naps during the day and then couldn't sleep at night. So….I have to be careful with how I plan my days. If I have an MFR (myofascial release therapy) session like today, then, momentarily the pain and fatigue increase. So I usually sleep a couple of hours after my session, take another dosage of cannabis tincture and enjoy the evening.

Sporadically, I will have targeted pain episodes. Last week, I spent two days pretty much in bed fighting "quad" pain in my left leg. Ice, elevation, and MFR brought me back to normal after another session. So tonight I am being happily productive.

We each have to discover our own way……knowledge is power…..and that is what you find by sharing on Connect.

What medication or supplements do you find helpful?

May you be safe, protected, and free from inner and outer pain.

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Hello Chris, I'm going to discuss and try medical cannabis. Can you please let me know what strength and cbd/ thc is helping you, and how long it might take to feel pain relief. Do you take any supplements too? Or just cannabis?
Thank you!